How to Create Shade for Summertime FUN!

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Living in Florida my family and I really enjoy pool time fun. Our son Patrick, who has Cerebral Palsy, is very susceptible to heat and the pool is an activity that he and his dog Mcguire can enjoy together.  In the summer the harsh rays and heat from the sun can limit his water play so we had to find a solution that would allow him to enjoy the pool all year long.

How to Create Shade from the Harsh Rays of the Sun

Creating Shade Around Your Pool

I started searching for ways to add shade around our pool. I didn’t want to do it with landscaping due to leaves from trees making a mess in our pool and creating more problems for us. Not only that, my gal pals and I love to socialize around the pool and sunbathe so creating permanent shade was out of the question.

I began searching the internet for large umbrellas and I found that most of them just opened up, down and rotated which didn’t solve the problem of the time of day when the sun begins to set. My pool faces west and the sun becomes very harsh at around 2 pm right when Patrick is ready to get in the pool. With an umbrella that just opens up and down the sun, at a certain level, hits the pool.

Check out my Solution

I found a brand by Abba Patio that solved my problem.

How to Create Shade from the Harsh Rays of the Sun

Abba Patio’s heavy duty cantilever umbrella was the perfect solution to creating the right amount of shade at any time of day. If my girlfriends and I were looking to kick it back in the sun then we could close it completely. Being able to adjust the angle of the umbrella allowed Patrick just the right amount of shade protection at any time of day. Click here for 15% off this amazing umbrella!

How to Create Shade from the Harsh Rays of the Sun

Easy Assembly

My umbrella arrived with everything I needed to put it together except the sand that goes in the base to weight it down. I picked up my sand at my local hardware store and the rest was easy.

How to Create Shade from the Harsh Rays of the Sun Sand Bag


How to Create Shade from the Harsh Rays of the Sun Umbrella Assembly


Problem Solved!

Thanks to Abba Patio for their amazing umbrella design that allows my family days and days of pool time FUN!

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